Saltwater Fly Fishing Conclave 2019 - Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia

Straits Fly Shop is proud to be an official partner of the Saltwater Fly Fishing Conclave 2019 held in Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia over the weekend of 22nd - 24th March 2019!

Come on down and be enthralled by an incredibly talented group of renowned anglers as they share about their experiences. Pick up a few tips, some cool new gear and maybe a prize or two at the lucky draw!

"The Saltwater Fly Fishing Conclave will be held in Pangkor Island off Perak on 22 to 24 March 2019. This event is the first of its kind fully focused on fly fishing in salt water ranging from the estuaries, shallow flats to the open sea.
The swoffers (saltwater flyfishermen) who will be sharing their experiences are Irhamy or Tokmi, Aznir Malek, Shahrul, Razlan, Beq Langkawi, Johar, and many more giving invaluable tips & practices of fly fishing in Asian saltwater region.
Participants will have the opportunity to see and learn how to flyfish
1. Shallow flats area
2. Rocky area around islands on boats (targeting gt, queenies, etc.)
3. FADs 
4. Ladyfish
5. Sailfish
6. Estuaries -tarpon, barramundi etc
Participants will also have the opportunity to recognize the best types of flies for any given saltwater situation and how to tie them in this event.
It is hoped that this event will inspire and expand the saltwater fly fishing frontier in Malaysia."
Salt Water Fly Fishing Conclave 2019 Pulau Pangkor Straits Fly Shop

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