Rent an Outfit

Planning an awesome trip or got an invite to join a friend but don't have the rods? Or going on a trip you would never take again? Need a spare rod for that trip of a lifetime? 

Don't want to break the bank?

Here at Straits Fly Shop, we have you covered!

We provide rod, reel and line rental service with the goal of making fly fishing outfits accessible for those that may find the need to rent one for a short period of time. Our service gives anglers an alternative to spending an exorbitant amount of money on a rod that might only get used during that trip. This way, the money you save could be better spent. 

A security deposit is required at the time of collection. For our local clients, we prefer to meet you to hand you your rental so that you have the outfit when you need it. Within reason, we exclude transit times in the rental for up to 3 days so really, when you rent a rod for a week, you could get up to 10 days to fish it. 

Sure, some will not mind splurging on a new fly rod, or dropping a paycheck on a trip abroad. In those scenarios, it might not seem like much at all to have the rod you need in hand! In that case, check out our rod collection!