Gear upgrade program

We've all been there. Browsing online or walking through your local fly shop and drooling over this beautifully built fly rod or reel and being so close to buying it but yet not being able to because "The one I have works fine" or "I don't need a third 5 weight trout rod" or "Why would I need another saltwater reel" something along these lines.

Here's the deal. We at Straits Fly Shop are tackle tarts who would love to help you acquire that new dream rod or reel. Drop us an email with the item you'd like to sell and send it to us. Upon receipt, we will inspect the item and then issue you a one time use gift card to put towards your new setup at the time. Its that simple and there is no catch! 

All we want to do is to move your gear that you don't use much and get something that you will use into your hands. If you're wondering about whether an item is worth selling? Send us an email at and we will certainly get back to you ASAP. 

The fine print:

Store credit is not redeemable for cash or as payment for trips. 

Once credit has been issued, the item cannot be returned. 

We reserve the right to sell your item though any avenue we have access to e.g. our website, eBay, Craigslist, etc. You, the customer, are our first priority and we have  your best interest at heart. We will often list your item on our website before listing it on another platform to allow you the highest possible shop credit. 

Your store credit is determined by the amount the item sold for less the credit card fees and shipping fees.