Christmas Island Hosted Travel

Hosted Trip dates 2021
1) 6- 13 June
US$2690 based on double occupancy and shared guide. 
US$2990 based on double occupancy and private guide. 
US$3290 based on Private room and guide. . 

Flight information


If traveling through Honolulu, please arrive in Honolulu on, or before Monday, 5th July and expect to arrive back in Honolulu on the 13rd of July because your flight crosses the international date line. 

If traveling through Nadi, Fiji, please arrive in Nadi before the 6th of July, and expect to arrive back in Nadi on the on the 14th of July. 

We will be more than happy to assist you with flight suggestions and bookings. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


Where in the World?


Located approximately 1400 miles due south of Hawaii and 144 miles north of the equator, the tiny coral dot of Kiritimati lies squarely in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

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Just about every saltwater fly-angler has heard of Christmas Island. Amidst the immense inventory of saltwater fly fishing destinations on Earth, Christmas island is unique and quite arguably a geological and ecological masterpiece because critical elements for success have been combined. Hard sand flats with incredible numbers of bonefish and cruising giant trevallies, punctuated by tailing trigger fish, combined with year-round tropical weather truly make this atoll, remarkable. Christmas Island is arguably one of our most favorite destinations.

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Whether you are a novice saltwater angler, or you are a seasoned veteran, Christmas Island Outfitters has the most intimate angling experience this atoll has to offer. Each and every guide at Christmas Island Outfitters has been hand picked for their level of experience and skill, calmness under pressure and instructional abilities. We think our clients would be hard pressed to find a better group of saltwater fly fishing guides.

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Each day, anglers will be transported to the flats via outrigger canoe or truck. The standard package includes 1 guide to every 2 angler. However, a personalised 1 angler to 1 guide package is available for a very reasonable additional cost. Practically all fishing is done while wading and sight casting, which makes this additional cost completely worthwhile. There are plenty of Bonefish that cater to all skill levels from groups of mudding fish to small cruising groups to technical tailing singles. For anglers looking at the challenge of Giant Trevally, focus is key and one could go an entire week looking for that one fish of a lifetime. This pursuit certainly has much higher stakes than Bonefishing, the results are often far more exciting and the guides at Christmas Island Outfitters are passionate about this pursuit. Straits Fly Shop, Asia's premier online fly fishing outfitter based out of singapore now offering trips to christmas island

Christmas Island Outfitters caters to no more than 12 anglers per week- including the trip host. Accommodations consist of several private bungalows that sleep up to 8. Rooms are clean, simple, spacious, with fans, screened windows and en-suite bathroom. The common areas feature a friendly bar and casual dining room where breakfast and dinner are served. Small by design to ensure flexibility, Christmas island Outfitters varies the schedule daily to suit the best tides and fishing conditions.