CTS Crystal Coat Rod Finish
CTS Crystal Coat Rod Finish

CTS Crystal Coat Rod Finish

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CrystalCoat Ultra Premium Rod Wrapping Finish from CTS. 

A new formula that inhibits bubble formation and sets with unrivalled clarity. It goes on clear and stays clear.

Crystal clear.

Our lab tests show a significant difference in yellowing after UV exposure, between CrystalCoat™ and other finishes. CrystalCoat™ resin and hardener are clear from the beginning and remain clear. No yellow to begin with, and no yellowing after UV exposure.

We’ve developed a superior rod finish that develops little-to-no air entrapment (no bubbles). The unique chemistry of CrystalCoat™ allows the cured hardness to be adjusted by altering the resin to hardener ratio. If you want a harder finish, just add more hardener. This also means that CrystalCoat™ is highly tolerant of unintentional measuring inaccuracies. View the Specifications tab for mix ratios and measurements.

Working with CrystalCoat™ rod finish is a dream. It applies easy, levels beautifully, the working time is superior to other brands and no thinning is required.

Light and delicate, with unrivalled clarity.

Order a CrystalCoat™ mixing kit in one of three sizes (weight = total of resin + hardener):

  • 90g (3.2oz)
  • 180g (6.4oz)
  • 525g (18.8oz) available by special order. 


  • By WEIGHT: CrystalCoat™ ratio is 4:3 (resin:hardener)
  • By VOLUME: CrystalCoat™ ratio is 3:2 (resin:hardener)